OuR Team

Principal Investigator


Dr. Mariam N. Ismail

Prof. Ismail earned her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering (2011) from Northeastern University under the advising of Dr. Albert Sacco, Jr. Throughout her work at the Center for Advanced Microgravity Materials Processing Center (NASA-sponsored Lab, Northeastern University), she developed a method for the hydrothermal synthesis of vanadosilicate AM-6 for enhanced visible light photocatalysis. She’s currently an assistant professor of chemistry at the University of Massachusetts – Boston. [CV]

Graduate Students

Catherine Schrader 

Ph.D. Student

Email: c.schrader001 at umb.edu

Chemistry, UMass Boston (2021-present)

B.S. Chemistry: Bridgewater State University, Bridgewater, MA. (2021)

Shahrzad (Sherry) Radpour

Ph.D. Student

Email: shahrzad.radpour001 at umb.edu

Chemistry, UMass Boston (2022-present)

B.S. Applied Science & Chemistry: Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran. (2022)

Hannah Flayhart

Hannah Flayhart

Ph.D. Student

Email: hannah.flayhart001 at umb.edu

Chemistry, UMass Boston (2023-present)

B.S. Chemistry: Washington College, Chestertown, MD. (2022)

Undergraduate Students

Sam Nagel

Email: Samuel.Nagel001 at umb.edu

Chemistry, UMass Boston (2023)

Hannah Ramos

Email: Hannah.Ramos001 at umb.edu

Chemistry, UMass Boston (2023)

Diti B. Patel

Email: d.patel013 at umb.edu

Biology, UMass Boston (2024)

Aidan Bayliss

Email: aidan.bayliss001 at umb.edu

Chemistry, UMass Boston (2025)

Youssef Saad

Email: youssef.saad001 at umb.edu

Biochemistry, UMass Boston (2025)

Lab Outings and Events

Group Alumni

Post Docs and Visiting Scholars:

  • Dr. SuryaKumar Vatti (2023)

Undergraduate students:

  • Emily Buttafuoco (2021) – Scientist, Johnson & Johnson Vision
  • Julia Hart (2021) – Junior Research Engineer, Izentist LLC
  • Sydney Oliver (2021) – Research Associate, The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
  • Bianca Boschetti (2020) – Research Associate, Vertex Pharmaceuticals
  • Maddie Karod (2019) – PhD Candidate in Biological and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University
  • Sophie Streimer (2019) – Associate Marketing Manager, Credo Beauty
  • Sophie Lawsure (2020) – Registered Nurse, Maine Medical Center
  • Eriko Hishiya (2020)
  • Kayla Kilduff (2018) – Associate Scientist, Actnano
  • Joie Mastandrea (2018) – Registered Nurse, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Jordan Mattheisen (2017) – PhD Candidate in the Tri-Institutional Program in Chemical Biology, The Rockefeller University