2023 UMass Boston STEM Day.

High school students participated in a hands-on activity where Dr. Ismail demonstrated the concept of chemiluminescence, a type of chemical reaction that produces light as a byproduct. When luminol is mixed with a solution of hydrogen peroxide and a catalyst such as iron, the resulting chemical reaction emits a blue-green glow. This reaction can be used to detect the presence of blood at crime scenes, as the iron in hemoglobin catalyzes the reaction.


2023 Massachusetts Regional Science and Engineering Fair. 

PhD Students Katie Schrader and Hannah Flayhart volunteered at the Massachusetts Region V Science and Engineering Fair held at Bridgewater State University on March 4, 2023. Over 100 high school students from the south shore presented their research projects, which included class assignments and projects stemming from genuine curiosity. The fair showcased a diverse range of students with unique ideas. The fair was a reminder of the importance of encouraging and training the next generation of scientists, which was exemplified by the dedication of volunteers like Katie and Hannah. 


2023 World Hijab Day, Sharon Public Schools. 

Dr. Ismail’s keynote talk at the 2023 World Hijab Day event at the Sharon Public Schools, Sharon, MA was both inspiring and informative. She shared her personal journey to STEM, discussing the challenges she faced as a young woman pursuing a career in chemistry. Despite the obstacles she encountered, Dr. Ismail persevered, fueled by her passion for chemistry and the knowledge that her work could make a real difference in the world. She spoke about the power of chemistry to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems, such as combating climate change. Overall, Dr. Ismail’s keynote was a powerful reminder of the importance of diversity and inclusivity in STEM and the incredible potential of science to change the world.

2019 SET in the City, Boston University.


Outreach - Malden Catholic School

2018 SFX scholars program at Malden Catholic High School.

High school students getting hands-on experience operating a scanning electron microscope (SEM). This was an exciting opportunity for them to explore the fascinating world of nanotechnology. With SEM, students can view objects at the nanoscale and understand the behavior of materials at such a small level. 

2018 Women’s Chemists Committee – Panel Discussion on “What Can I do with a Degree in Chemistry?”


2017 Science Club for Girls – Young Leaders in STEM.

Students learned about the fundamentals of crystal growth, and performed a hands-on activity using basic household items to grow their own crystals!


2017 Women’s Chemists Committee – “Stem the Pay Gap”

A Panel Discussion on How We Can Promote Pay Equity for Women in STEM.